Standard Members: Day 1

Congratulations and Welcome to PerformHappy!

Let’s get started on Day 1 of the Welcome Challenge

We’re so excited to work with you!

Complete Day 1 and 2 of the Welcome Challenge to earn your first badge.

Please follow the following short steps and check them off as you go to earn your Welcome Badge!

STEP 1: Watch the Welcome Video

Step 2: Give instructions and a link to add their athlete

Go to Team Management to update your Family “Team.”

Click “Manage Team” and “Add Child” to set up your athlete’s login.

Step 3: Start your first challenge (Confidence Jumpstart or Mindset Challenge)

– Working through a fear/mental block? Start with the Confidence Jumpstart Challenge
– If not, start with the Mindset Challenge

(You can find both of these challenges in the PerformHappy App as well)